Dr. Ken Cuts Fat Jokes Out Of Pilot Episode


ABC has a new sitcom in the pipeline, with Ken Jeong of The Hangover fame starring as a general practice doctor who has to deal with all kinds of hilarious shenanigans (or at least they are hoping they are hilarious).

In any case, a trailer for the show came out some time ago and one of the excerpts from the pilot episode shown in the trailer had Dr. Ken (which is also the name of the show) make a few jokes about a particularly obese patient of his.

This caught the eye of a group called The Obesity Action Coalition who immediately wrote an outraged letter to the network, explaining why obesity is no laughing matter and demanding that ABC and Disney (which is also involved in one way or another) do something about it.

According to Ken himself, they have decided to cut the scene from the pilot, although it is still present in the promos.

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