Drake Allegedly Threatened Houston Stripper


We all know that Drake loves Houston and that the city’s music has shaped his sound and career, but he also seems to be really keen on strippers from the city as well.

According to sources close to the rapper, it seems that there is a stripper from the Houston area that is pressing charges against the rapper. Allegedly, Drake sent the woman very abusive and threatening text messages and even sent someone to her home to threaten her personally.

However, Houston police would not confirm whether it was Drake. All they said was that there is a report that the female had consensual sex with a possibly celebrity, and that the celebrity is now making threats to her.

Drake spends a lot of time in Houston and even hosts an even called Houston Appreciation Week. He also loves the strip clubs in the city. There was a report from November of last year which stated that Drake and pop diva Rihanna once spent over $15,000 partying in the VIP room of a local strip club.


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