Elijah Wood Could Not Handle Fame


The planetary success of Tolkien’s screen version of Lord of the Rings was too much for its lead star Elijah Wood, who started therapy after he portrayed the famous Frodo Baggins.

The actor remembers leaving home for the first time and having great time on the set in New Zealand, but after the first one, out of three of Peter Jackson’s movies, he was struggling to overcome the weight of fame that came along with the movie’s global success.

According to his interview in the Globe, Elijah explains, “Like so many other people, I had to work some issues out. It’s not easy being 18, getting all this incredible attention all of a sudden.”

I liked seeing a therapist. I learned to laugh about myself a little bit more, learned no to take everything so seriously.”

Carlos Alvarez / Getty Images Entertainment

Carlos Alvarez / Getty Images Entertainment

Fellowship of the Ring that was released in 2001, which had a production budget of $93 million, earned a total of $313,364,114.

Two Towers, released in 20012, had a production budget of $94 million and earned a staggering $339,789,881.

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