Jennifer Connelly: No More Harsh Criticism


Jennifer Connelly, who stars in the new movie Noah, states that religious leaders are starting to soften their approach, right after the movie executives agreed to making some minor changes to their marketing campaign.

Connelly, who plays Noah’s wife Naameh in this biblical epic, has confirmed that the movie was criticized for not portraying the Great Flood in an appropriate way.

In order to please religious leaders in the U.S., movie bosses made cuts of the biblical epic and showed them in numerous Christian conferences. After the men of God offered their opinion, movie executives agreed to make some changes.

As The Hollywood Reporter’s source explains, movie bosses agreed to change their marketing material in order to state that the epic was a creative adaptation, rather than a literal.

Carlos Alvarez / Getty Images Entertainment

Carlos Alvarez / Getty Images Entertainment

Connelly says, “What you’ll find is that the controversy that was generated (was) by people who were speculating (and) hadn’t seen the film yet, for the most part. We’re now getting feedback from religious leaders, who have seen the film and are really embracing it and supporting it.

While it is very creative and very bold and very complex, really, it’s true to the spirit of the story in the Bible.

Connelly also said she had used archaeologists’ opinion and experience to help her portray her ancient character in an accurate way.

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