Olivia Munn: The Best Person For New Proactiv Campaign


After an embarrassing breakout of acne, while starring opposite Hollywood hunk Eric Bana, actress Olivia Munn has become the new face of Proactiv, an acne treatment brand.

She revealed that she never had skin issues until she moved from Japan where she was raised. After moving to Oklahoma, her native, at the age of 16 she experienced an outbreak of acne.

The Iron Man beauty says, “I had this horrible outbreak and I never had acne before. On my skin, on my forehead, it was covered in acne and I didn’t know what to do. I’m a new kid in school and so I felt really self-conscious and didn’t really lift my head up until my cousin mentioned it.

I hadn’t even heard of Proactiv, and she said, ‘You should just try this.’ I used it and within like a week all of it was gone.”

However, an upcoming crime thriller Deliver Us from Evil, started her horror again.

 Peter Kramer / Getty Images Entertainment

Peter Kramer / Getty Images Entertainment

As she said to People.com, “I’m doing a movie with Eric Bana where I play his wife, and I’ve got this massive cystic acne on my neck, my cheek and on my forehead. And he’s so charming and good-looking, and thankfully the first time I met him was at night. But I thought, ‘No!’ That’s when I really went full force and tried and everything. Nothing was working.”

Neither acupuncture nor steroid injections from a dermatologist helped, until she tried new Proactive+ formula.

She adds, “I guess he had also noticed my pimples. I thought, ‘Will it work? I’m an adult now!’ Within two weeks it was completely cleared up and I haven’t had a breakout again.”

She’s now joining celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Adam Levine and Katy Perry as a spokesman for the brand as she has a first-hand experience with skin problems.

She’s thankful for the opportunity, as she explains, “It’s so crazy because I have this whole story with it. It was nice. It’s something that’s very easy to get behind because I know what it did for me in my life.”

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