Elijah Wood Might Keep A Turkish Doctor Out Of Prison


Is Elijah Wood’s comment on Gollum being an essentially good guy enough to keep a Turkish doctor out of prison? This is a sentence that we never, in a million years, thought we’d write, there is no doubt about.

Sometimes, the world becomes this surreal place where everything is possible and we love it. But, let’s start from the top. A guy called Bilgin Ciftci (who also happens to be a doctor, btw) did this collage where he showed uncanny resemblance between Gollum and Turkish president, Recep Erdogan.

According to Turkish laws (probably dating from quite a while ago), this is overt attack on the country’s president and, if the perpetrator is found guilty, they might end up serving a two-year sentence. Now, for this to be the case, the person with whom the president is compared needs to be a bad guy. Due to the “unclear” nature of Gollum as a character, according to TMZ, the prosecution has set up a “The Lords of the Rings Expert Team”, which is supposed to figure this out.

Elijah Wood was informed of this recently and when asked if he could say Gollum is good for the sake of the accused man, he did it. A nice guy. But still, the news is just…there is no word for it.

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