Kim Kardashian No Longer Queen Of Instagram

kim kardashian

Remember when Kim Kardashian was the Selfie Queen? Not anymore! She has been totally eclipsed by her two little sisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner.

Kendall officially owns Instagram. She had the most liked photo of the year. It was a picture in which she is lying on the floor with her eyes closed and her long locks spread about the floor and curling into heart shapes.

That picture has 3.2 million likes.

Kendall has the number ten photo as well. Kylie had the fourth most popular Instagram pic of the year, which was a pic from her high school graduation. Kylie even beat ouf Beyonce, whose picture with her daughter came in fifth place.

And Kim? Poor Kim didn’t even crack the top 10! It looks like this is the end of an era.


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