Elton John Says He Talked to President Putin


Legendary pop singer Elton John is obviously one of the most famous gay rights activists in the world. So it wouldn’t really be surprising that people are reaching out to him to talk about these issues. But it’s pretty sketchy when President Putin, who is outwardly against gay rights, calls up Elton John to talk.

But according to John, that’s exactly what happened. However, the problem is that Putin’s people are denying it, so we don’t know who to believe.

According to Putin’s press staff, they believe that John was the victim of a prank call. Putin’s press secretary Dmitri Peskov said that there was no conversation between the two.

However, there was one real conversation that took place between John and someone from that side of the globe. He did meet recently with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko to talk about improving LGBT rights in that country.

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