Watch Ariana Grande Do Impressions Of Other Famous Singers


“Wheel of Musical Impressions” is one of the greatest things going for late night television these days and it’s definitely one of the bits that you just can’t miss if you’re watching The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

Of course, a lot of the appeal is Fallon himself, who does hilariously accurate impressions of tons of vocalists.

However, his guests are often equally as impressive. Ariana Granda was absolutely awesome last night.

She started off with a dead-on Britney Spears impression which immediately brought down the house.

But her next one was the one that really impressed. She did an impression of Christina Aguilera that really showed what a singing talent she is. Grande perfectly mimicked the vocal showboating that Aguilera is so well know for.

She also does a great Celine Dion, by the way.

And Fallon? He killed as usual, with a perfect Sting impression this time.

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