Kevin Hart Doesn’t Want Big Wedding


Kevin Hart is a small guy with a big heart. And apparently, he doesn’t want a big wedding to celebrate his big love for his fiance Eniko Parrish.

And even though Eniko is a few inches taller than Hart, she’s alright with the small wedding as well. OK, enough small jokes for now. The most important thing is that the two seem to be truly in love. Hart said that they don’t want to make a “masquerade” out of the wedding, whatever that means, and that he would rather have it be very personal and intimate.

But he’s not really stressing about it. He said that all of the plans are up to Eniko and that all he is going to do is set a budget and then sign the checks. And even though Hart did not give an exact wedding date, he said that it is coming up soon, whatever soon means.

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