Enrique Iglesias Insists On Age-Rating Music Videos


Enrique Iglesias is the newest celebrity who insisted parents to keep an eye on the content their children watch online. He also suggested them to forbid vulgar pop videos.

Ironically, the singer is famous for his spicy lyrics and naughty music videos, featuring semi-naked models.

An age-rating system for music is being considered by British censors, in order to help parents identify whether the content is suitable for their children.

Iglesias, when asked if promos should be age-rated, he replied, I do think it depends on the video, yes.”He later explained, “Nowadays TV is the least you should be worried about because you have the Internet and kids on the Internet can find whatever they want. Having said that, I’m a firm believer that it all comes down to the parents. I think parents should know what their kids are listening to.

It comes down to them being responsible and making sure that they know what video games they’re playing, what music they’re listening to, what they’re doing in their free time.”

Timothy Hiatt / Getty Images Entertainment

Timothy Hiatt / Getty Images Entertainment

When questioned if that would be how he would raise his children, he admitted, “I hope that I would. I’m not a father yet but…

I think it’s all a balance at the end of the day. You have to be realistic too.”

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