False Agent Took $125,000 For A Miley Cyrus Performance


Popular singer Miley Cyrus is again in the headlines. Unfortunately, she’s at the center of a lawsuit after organizers of a festival in Florida were tricked by a fake booking agent.

Miami South Beach Outdoor Festival promoters claim that they booked the Wrecking Ball singer for $125,000 which they gave to a woman claiming to be Miley’s representative.

Miley was booked as the headliner for the New Year’s Day bash in the festival, but obviously she won’t perform.

The woman, who’s still unknown, is being sued for taking the money and failing to deliver Cyrus for the gig. It all happened a day after Miley’s New York’s Times Square performance.

Festival organizers are filing a lawsuit demanding the return of their money.
The woman, who became a defendant, argues that she did nothing wrong.

What’s more, she claims that she actually forwarded the money for the show to Cyrus, but Cyrus’ representatives deny any connection to the scandal. Her representatives continued to claim that the defendant has absolutely no connection to Miley, or her actual agent.

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