Freddie Prinze Jr Recovering Well After Spinal Surgery


For medical reasons he did not care to disclose, Freddie Prinze Jr had to undergo a surgical procedure on his spine, which is believed to have happened on November 20. According to sources close to the actor, the surgery was so serious that he practically needs to learn how to walk all over again.

However, the star of She’s All That made sure to let his fans know that his recovery is going very well and that he’s working very hard to get back on track. Prinze Jr has been very open about his recovery, unlike the actual details about his medical problem, which he only described as “disc issues.”

He tweeted several pictures of himself, one of him balancing on one leg, with a caption about how it is important to have balance in all aspects of life. In another picture he is wearing a neck brace and one of the photos shows him with his eyes closed, visualizing the techniques he has to master in order to walk properly again

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