Jimmy Fallon Welcomes Second Child


Jimmy Fallon is a happy dad for the second time. The pregnancy was kept secret all the way through the delivery, so many were surprised when the couple announced the birth of their second daughter. The girl, named Frances Cole, was born on December 3, in the morning hours. She is 18.5 inches long and weighs a healthy 5 lbs.

Just like her older sister Winnie Rose, who turned one last summer, Frances Cole was also conceived and born through a surrogate mother.

The television personality talked about little Frances Cole’s first bath and he looked positively delighted with her.

Jimmy Fallon also said that he will be taking a short break from the show, because of his new father duties. Earlier, Fallon spoke about parenthood and said that it was both very tiring and extremely rewarding. You can be tired all the time, not exhausted but just tired, and yet jump with joy when your baby gives you a big smile, he explained.

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