Eva Mendes Explains Why She Lied About Her Pregnancy On Ellen


Eva Mendes talked with Ellen DeGeneres about her pregnancy on Wednesday. The host and the actress joked about Mendes lying about her pregnancy but the actress still felt the need to explain why she did it. She said that one of the reasons was because it is obvious her daughter is going to struggle to have privacy in her life and she and the baby’s father, Ryan Gosling, wanted to protect her from that as soon as possible, while she was still in the womb.

The second reason is that not a lot of people didn’t know about the pregnancy, so she was not too crazy about breaking the news on television when even the closest people in her life, like her own mom, didn’t know yet, which, of course, is a perfectly valid reason.

Mendes also said that most people keep quiet about their pregnancy during the first trimester, or, at least, they try not to tell the whole world about it.

Mendes and Gosling welcomed their first child Esmeralda on September 12.

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