Kesha’s Lawyer Says Dr. Luke Also Raped Lady Gaga


Lady Gaga stopped by The Howard Stern Show this week and, among other things, talked about how she was sexually assaulted by a record producer when she was 19. If this wasn’t enough of a bombshell, Kesha’s lawyer Mark Geragos, who is representing her in a sexual assault against producer Dr. Luke, says that Gaga was raped by the same man as her client.

Geragos asked his followers on Twitter to try and guess who the man that raped Gaga was, and when one of them wrote “Dr. Luke,” he answered “#bingo.”

After these allegations were made, both Dr. Luke’s and Lady Gaga’s representatives have issued statements denying Geragos’ claims.

Dr. Luke’s reps say that he and Gaga only met twice, for half an hour, during which time he did not even touch her. Lady Gaga, on the other hand, still hasn’t named her actual rapist, but she did say it was not Dr. Luke.

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