How Everyone Missed The 30 Rock Hint About Bill Cosby’s Rape Allegations


While the entire world is buzzing about the rape and drugging allegations against Bill Cosby and with new victims coming out almost every week, people are wondering how come no one called him out on this when the first allegations were made years ago.

The truth is – someone did. It was 30 Rock and its episode The Bubble. In the episode, Alec Baldwin’s character Jack Donaghy asks a Cosby impersonator to convince Tracy Jordan, played by Tracy Morgan, to come back to TGS.

In the phone call between the two, Tracy Jordan asks “Bill Cosby” how dare he call him after what he did to his poor Aunt Paulette, to which “Cosby” says he’s probably confusing him with someone else.

And no one noticed. Remember, all this was back when the rape allegations against Bill Cosby had been known publicly for several years. 30 Rock always seems to be a little ahead of the curve, and this joke was a perfect example of this, even though the allegations are certainly no laughing matter.

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