Mariah Carey Ditches NBC’s Pretaped Christmas Show


Mariah Carey has a reputation for being late for shows and interviews and generally for being a major diva about most things. This time she may have taken it too far and NBC is even considering never hiring her again.

The singer was supposed to tape a segment for the NBC’s traditional Christmas tree lighting show at the Rockefeller Plaza. She was late, not one, but three hours, and during all that time the fans were waiting for her in the freezing air.

Carey’s reps kept saying that she’s just 10 minutes away, which is technically true, since she was staying at the Palace Hotel, 10 minutes away from the Rockefeller Plaza.

The rumor has it that the heads of NBC have had it with Mariah Carey and that they will no longer book her for the tree-lighting show. No wonder, considering they had a very hard time figuring out what to do, and millions of viewers were left disappointed.

She did end up recording the show on Wednesday, but they’ll never forget her for the Tuesday no-show.

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