Gwyneth Paltrow Popped X. Or So She Claims.


Gwyneth Paltrow is making us like her more every day, it seems, and if she keeps going, there might come a day when we will forget what a boring, stuck-up, pretentious, amoeba-marrying individual she is. Namely, in an interview with Andy Cohen on the last Watch What Happens Live, she admitted to having taken ecstasy.

This was an answer to one of the three Plead the Filth questions that celebrities are asked on the show and which had to do with the hardest drugs she has ever taken. It turns out that Gwyneth used to pop E. Or that she did it at least once.

She also told Andy that she would prefer to be stuck in an elevator with Angelina Jolie than with Jennifer Garner but there was really no filth there as her reason was to “get to know Angelina”.

Like that would take much time.

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