Has Kanye West Just Been To His Last Grammys?


According to some sources, rumors have been circulating the last few days that Kanye West, together with his wife Kim Kardashian, might be banned from attending future Grammy Music Award shows, although he will still be eligible to actually win Grammys.

The rumor has started spreading almost immediately after this Sunday’s incident when Kanye once again tried to storm the stage to give his support to Beyoncé. This time, it was Beck who won the Grammy and Kanye  started going up on the stage. He climbed the stage, but left almost immediately, without causing too much trouble.

This is the second such incident, the first one being in 2009 when he interrupted Taylor Swift’s speech. The organizers and the people behind the Grammys are reportedly very anxious about Kanye doing this type of thing in the future and they are allegedly contemplating banning Mr. West from future Grammys.

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