Hives Threaten To Ruin Solange’s Perfect Wedding


Solange Knowles got married this weekend to her longtime boyfriend, music video director Alan Ferguson. The wedding will be remembered as one of the most stylish ever, with everyone, not just the bride, dressed in white and looking fabulous.

The bride, however, will also remember how painful and uncomfortable she felt when her face suddenly got covered in rashes and welts. Apparently, Solange had an allergic reaction due to heat, exhaustion and excitement.

Fortunately, there was Benadryl on hand to save the day, as she herself wrote in the caption of the video of her and her son Julez dancing. She gave a shout out to the allergy medicine and said that nothing was going to stop her from having her “mother and son” dance with the best dance partner she ever had.

Some tabloids, of course, were quick to rain on Solange’s parade, by posting unflattering pictures of her face full of hives.

FB: Despite the bride breaking into hives, the Knowles-Ferguson wedding will be remembered as one of the classiest this year, if not this century.

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