Kris Jenner Says Her Boyfriend Is Not A Stalker


Kris Jenner just can’t catch a break when it comes to her love life. Even when she finds someone she’s happy with, like her current boyfriend Corey Gamble, people try to ruin it for her!

This time it’s Gamble’s ex girlfriend, who claims that he’s a stalker.

To be honest, the ex did have a restraining order against Gamble, which means that someone did believe her allegations. She says that he used to follow her around, track her movement and even get rough with her.

In response to these allegations, Kris Jenner says that she doesn’t believe her boyfriend could do something like that. Apparently, he’s too much of a “background guy” to indulge in stalking and similar activities.

She gets that impression from the fact that he’s no stranger to the world of celebrities, for example he was Justin Bieber’s tour manager, and yet he never took advantage of it in any way to gain fame for himself.

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