Bill Cosby Faces New Allegations


Bill Cosby may just become America’s next serial rapist, at least judging from the ever-increasing allegations of rape, sexual abuse and other forms of mistreatment.
The latest allegation come from a woman called Joyce Emmons, who used to run comedy clubs back in the 1970s and was a good friend of Cosby’s.

Emmons says that one night in Vegas she was hanging around with Bill Cosby and his posse and she had a headache. After she complained about it, Cosby gave her a Quaalude but didn’t tell her what it was. Emmons blacked out and she only remembers waking up naked in Cosby’s bed, not with Cosby, but with a friend of his, who she says was hitting on her that evening.

Emmons also says that Cosby was no stranger to drugs, even though she never actually saw him do drugs or even have an alcoholic beverage. For some reason, he was always around drugs, especially prescription pills, sources close to the comedian say.

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