“Crack Mayor” Dies At 78


Everyone will always remember the late Marion Barry as the “crack mayor.”

He served four terms as the mayor of Washington DC, but he will always be remembered for the time that he got caught smoking crack in the bathroom of a hotel room.

Of course, the video of the FBI raiding the spot and Barry demanding that he was being set up will forever be legendary. But the most unbelievable thing about Barry’s life and career was the fact that he was able to get re-elected as mayor even after the drug scandal.

So it just goes to show that you can even smoke crack and get re-elected, as long as the people think that you are doing a good job running the city. Not even criminal convictions and prison time can derail a political career, and at times, it can even help to improve it.

There are no official reports yet on what the cause of his death was.

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