Young Model Posts Selfies From Robin Thicke’s House


Everyone knows almost everything they need to know about Robin Thicke’s love life. His divorce from his wife and his efforts to get her back have been well documented through his music and the tabloids.

But it seems that Thicke has finally moved on. TMZ did a little detective work to find out that Thicke is seeing a sexy young model called April Love Geary. She is about 19 or 20 years old and loves taking pictures in Thicke’s crib. TMZ compared pictures of the home that Robin is listing for sale on the site of a California real estate agency with the sexy pictures that Geary was posting online.

And they came to the conclusion that she is definitely taking her pictures from Thicke’s bedroom!
If you compare some of the details, you will see that the bed’s headboard and the picture above the bed are identical in the picture’s of the singer’s home and the pictures that the model was taking.

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