If You Have A Cavity Avoid Kim Kardashian


We know it doesn’t seem like it, but even celebrities have strange, unsuspected talents that have no real use in life. If there was a movie about those unlikely superheroes, Kim Kardashian would definitely land a role.

She claims that she has the ability to smell cavities in people’s teeth and they don’t even have to be close to her, writes People Magazine. Kim was never shy about her numerous talents (nude selfies and exposing of conniving celebrities included), but this is by far the strangest one.

The celebrity tweeted about it a few times some years ago, but her talent is apparently getting stronger with age and she can smell someone’s cavity from a distance. Well, we’ve never heard this before, but as we all know, Kim K is always full of surprises.

Her husband dearest, Kanye West answered the question about his own secret talent differently, saying that he can smell people’s intentions from a mile away and that should be taken as a warning, he claims. At this point, maybe people should slowly back away from Kardashian-West dream team, just in case.

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