Justin Bieber Turns Down $5 Million GOP Gig


Pop star Justin Bieber just turned down a huge payday. He was recently asked to play an even that was to be sponsored by GOP supporters.

And even though they claimed that it wouldn’t be political, it became fairly obvious to Bieber’s team that it was an event that was going to be showing support for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

If it were completely up to Bieber though, he probably would have done it. Bieber is Canadian, so he doesn’t really care about the US presidential race. Plus, it was a $5 million paycheck for a 45 minute show. Talk about easy money.

But it appears that his manager Scooter Braun, who is a big supporter of Hillary Clinton for president, was strongly against Bieber playing the show.

Braun told his celebrity client that he couldn’t do anything to stop him from playing it, but added that he would stop representing Bieber if he went through with it.

So Bieber decided it wasn’t worth the trouble. Plus, there were also reports that Bieber’s backing band, who are all African-American, were all very much against performing at the event.

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