Iggy Azalea Wishes Death On Paparazzi Photographer

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Iggy Azalea really hates the paparazzi.

And they seem to really find a way to get under her skin, especially a photographer who was recently following her and a friend around the supermarket while they were shopping.

Iggy told the guy that she hopes that he has Ebola and that he dies. Her friend even spat at the camera man, who simply would not leave the two alone.

However, once she calmed down, the rapper tried to reason with the photographer. She said that that fact that she is a musician does not give him the right to “sneak into a supermarket and take photos of somebody buying eggs.”

The paparazzi are notorious for going overboard when trying to get pictures and video of famous stars, and Azalea is now as big as it gets in the music world. Hopefully, she find a way to avoid them without have to curse them out and wish death on them every time she goes out to the store.

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