Stephen Collins’ Wife Claims He Used Fame To Molest Children

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The Stephen Collins molestation case is getting uglier and uglier, thanks in part to revelations made by his wife recently.

According to her, the actor used his role as a reverend in the hit family show “7th Heaven” to get close to a couple before molesting their child.

If this is true, that means that he was molesting children while the show was on the air, which means that he could have been as recently as 2007, which is when the show finally went off the air.

His wife Faye Grant sent an email to Collins, which TMZ managed to obtain, that scolded him for disgustingly using his role as as Reverend Eric Camden on the hit show to scope out new victims and get close to them.

Collins has already confessed to molesting three children, but according to him, all of those incidents occurred before 1984, which was a decade before he got the role in “7th Heaven.”

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