Aziz Ansari Shares Embarrassing Texts He’s Sent To Blake Lively


This story just goes to show that even if you are a celebrity, sending texts can be an embarrassing affair. As a guest on “The Howard Stern Show,” comedian Aziz Ansari talked about how he met actress Blake Lively and got her number.

He said that the two hit it off talking about their love for food and eventually ended up exchanging numbers. And then he said that once he started texting Lively, she completely ignored most of his attempts at striking up a conversation, much less a friendship.

Some of the text messages her shared on the show included talks of restaurants, questions of whether she was going to certain parties, and even Ansari asked Lively whether she would be able to tell mutual friend Karl Lagerfield to call him. And Lively never responded to any of the texts.

He said that after a slew of unanswered text messages, he sent a finally one in December 2011 in which he wished her a happy holiday season. And of course, he did not get an answer back. Ansari then texted her live on air, writing

“Read these messages on Howard. Hope that’s cool. Doubt you’ll respond to this.”

Pretty funny, even if you got to feel sorry for the guy, at least a little.

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