Is James Franco’s Penis Showing In This Picture?


Boom boom, NAKED and Afraid. Me and Seth, in the bush, naked, together. For reals.

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The Internet is yet again talking about another racy picture that weirdo actor James Franco has unleashed on social media.

Franco and his best buddy Seth Rogen participated in the Discovery Channel reality show “Naked and Afraid.” Of course, this was another perfect opportunity for them to get naked and take pictures of themselves in the nude and share the pictures all over the webs. While most of the pictures that came out of this scenario were well censored, there is one in particular that looks as if Franco’s penis is very much visible on it. It is a photo that Franco posted on Instagram.

We admit that it’s an awkward angle and it might just be some type of illusion, but at first glance, it definitely looks like at least part of his genitalia is very much in the open and available for all the world to see.

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