Iron Man Brings Bionic Arm To Young Fan


Robert Downey Jr. joined forces with the Microsoft One Note’s Collective Project and a group that does 3D prints of affordable bionic limbs to bring a very special, customized bionic arm to Iron Man’s 7-year-old fan Alex Mead, a boy born with a partially-developed right arm.

Downey Jr. waits for the young fan to arrive, dressed as Tony Stark and being his usual cool self. When Alex comes in, Robert tells him that he has a surprise for him. The surprise turns out to be a bionic arm for Alex.

The twist?

The arm is designed in the Iron Man suit fashion.

Both Downey Jr. and Alex try on their bionic arms and it is difficult not to feel touched that the famous actor found the time to do this in the middle of the Avengers 2 shooting schedule which must be very demanding and time-consuming.


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