Tom Hanks Sells Girl Scouts Cookies

at the Emma Thompson Hand and Footprint Ceremony as part of AFI Fest, Chinese Theater, Hollywood, CA 11-07-13

Tom Hanks is not just one of the best actors in Hollywood, he is also one very, very, very cool guy who knows how to spend his free time. Seriously, why don’t more celebrities do random stuff? It’s not like they’re too busy.

The most recent random thing famous actor did was really, really random. He was approached by some Girl Scouts in Los Altos and he bought some cookies from them, also giving them a $20 tip. But he didn’t stop there. That was just the beginning.

He decided to tag along and agreed to take photos with random passers-by on the condition that they buy some cookies from his new friends. It’s not every day that Girls Scouts get such an A-list celebrity spokesperson to help them sell cookies.

We salute Tom and his willingness to make this world a more interesting place.

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