Is Chet Hanks Serious?


You know how people say that sometimes the children of celebrities seem to have a false sense of entitlement? That presumption rings incredibly true for Chet, the son of legendary actor Tom Hanks.

The young Hanks is an aspiring rapper and he just released a new video that has made a lot of people angry. What’s so bad about it? Well, he uses the “n-word” in it. And worst of all, he regrets nothing. According to his logic, since hip hop is a culture that brings races together, using the n-word should be something that everyone can do, not just black people.

Of course, he was trolled massively on social media because of it, but Chet is not backing down from his controversial stance. He said that he’s going to continue to say whatever he wants, and if he wants to use the n-word, then he’ll use it.

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