Is Justin Bieber Saying “Sorry” To Selena Gomez?


Justin Bieber is busy promoting his new album that’s slated to come out next month, and he just released another single. This one is called “Sorry,” and even though it’s a good track to dance to, it’s still a very emotional track and the lyrics are very apologetic.

But the question is, who is he apologizing to? Most Bieber fans believe that this track was specifically written with his ex-girlfriend and love of his life Selena Gomez in mind.

21-year-old Bieber and 23-year-old Gomez dated when they were teenagers, and Bieber even said in a recent radio interview that his relationship with Gomez was the absolute best thing about his teenage years. These were teenage years filled with worldwide fame, Ferarris and millions of dollars, so you know that they had something special.

It’s very obvious that Bieber still has very deep feelings about Gomez. Could this track be his way of trying to get her back?

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