Ronda Rousey Training Vin Diesel’s Daughter


It isn’t easy being a dad to a girl these days. You have to fret for your daughter constantly in today’s crazy world and one of the best things to do for her is provide her with some ass-kicking classes early on.

And that is exactly what Vin Diesel is doing for his 7-year old daughter, hooking her up with his good friend Ronda Rousey. And really, when mulling over possible teachers of self-defense for a young girl, we cannot think of anyone better than Ronda who became good friends with Vin and his daughter while making Furious 7.

The classes are supposed to be self-defense only, but a girl that would combine Vin’s genes and Ronda’s technique would be unstoppable on the professional circuit too. Probably won’t be, but still…

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