Jay Z Sued For Fathering A Man From Jersey


Jay Z has, apparently, an illegitimate son in Jersey! A 21-year old kid came out last week and sued Jay Z demanding that he admits that he’s his son. 

This is Radar’s story.

“Music superstar Jay Z has been hit with a shocking claim that could potentially rock his marriage to wife Beyonce: According to court documents, he is currently tied up in an ugly legal battle with a man who claims he is the rapper’s son!

According to The National Enquirer, 21-year-old Rymir Satterthwaite is the Shawn Carters long lost son. Rymir is an aspiring rapper, which makes perfect sense considering who he claims is his father, but then again this could be a neat trick that he pulled of to gather publicity for his next album. Jay Z supposedly had an affair with his mother, Wanda, back in the 1990’s and ever since then he has been actively trying to cover up the whole thing.

Back in 2010, a judge dismissed a case where Jay Z was supposed to be forced to submit a paternity test. This is where the things start to get complicated as the judges ruling was based on a jurisdictional conundrum and not any actual proof that Jay Z has nothing to do with this.

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