Is The Lamest Celebrity Fight Ever On The Horizon?

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There is a video of two cyclists fighting on a bridge somewhere in France during a Tour De France back in the 90s. It is one of the sorriest fights ever filmed, with two skinny dudes trying to punch one another in the face and failing miserably.

When we heard the news that Justin Bieber is prepared to fight Selena Gomez’ new beau Zedd for her love, this is exactly what we thought of, two skinny midget guys trying to connect a punch or two. We are prepared to put our money that if this fight ever does happen that this will be the sorry outcome.

Hollywood Life came into possession of Justin’s intent from a source and it says that Little Bieber is ready to do everything, including fighting Zedd (what kind of a name is Zedd, anyway?) for the heart of his lost love Selena.

If it weren’t pathetic, it might have been romantic.

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