One Direction Fanatics Send Death Threats To Niall Horan’s Girlfriend

2015 Australian Open - Day 9

It all started when someone reported that they saw member of One Direction, Niall Horan, and a girl called Melissa Anne Whitelaw were seen in a casino in Sydney, kissing and whatnot. The rumor spread like wildfire and then the crazies started taking over.

Poor girl started receiving all kinds of messages and emails from particularly disturbed Directioners, many of which contained outright death threats if she was to do anything to hurt Niall. Melissa responded like a sane person would, with, “I haven’t done anything to any of you so please stop sending me mean comments”.

She also confirmed that she and Niall were in a relationship and that they were simply waiting for the right time to make it public.

A bright spot in all of this were some other Directioners which were much more accepting of Melissa and whose basements probably do not feature Niall sex dolls who said stuff like, “I hope that if u are really dating niall that u are going to be very happy”.

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