Jennifer Aniston Is Having The Worst Week Ever


Jennifer Aniston seems to be having one of the worst weeks in the past few months. The whole thing started with the outfit she chose to wear for The Golden Globes, continuing with another bad dress for her Cake premiere and finally she lost the Golden Globe for Best Actress. \]

This is not all, she was also left out during the Oscar nominations and her late ex-boyfriend’s widow, Mujah Maraini-Melehi, wrote to her via Facebook…


“In light of what’s been happening around the world, this may seem like a very trivial and superficial post. This past 24 hours have been very difficult for me….. I am very upset that the media is exploiting Daniel’s memory in connection to Jennifer Aniston. What is precious shines in our hearts and should not be splayed for everyone’s consumption in the media this way.

Why now? I wonder. After decades of stardom, she is media savvy enough to know that any casual comment she makes becomes front page tabloid news. Jennifer Aniston is Jennifer Aniston, and that means that anything that she says about her love life to any journalist, even someone as reputable as New York Times’ Frank Bruni, will be later dissected and exploited.

My heart aches to see our tragedy of losing Daniel to serve the media’s hunger for sensationalism. I remember how journalists often called our home to ask Daniel for information about Jennifer, and being the gentleman that he was, he would always decline to comment on anything at all. I imagine he would be appalled to be caught up in this media circus, especially after he had found Love and built a family of his own.

His love is part of our fabric — part of me , part of Fosco, part of Ondina. Please respect our love and especially our Loss. The children lost their father. I lost my partner. I am sorry that Jennifer did not realize the treasure that was Daniel when she had the chance, long before he and I met and long before he died. It pains me to read the headlines that allude to her losing him tragically when she was not present during his long and difficult illness.

That said perhaps Daniel’s gift was to teach her how to love and appreciate Justin Theroux. I know how much Daniel cared about her, and how protective he was of her. That was part of what I loved about him. I find it very hard to believe that she may not have married Brad Pitt had Daniel and I not married months before as some unnamed “sources” declared to the Daily mail on line. After Daniel died, I reached out to her to give her back all the photographs from the time they were together. I never got an answer back from her.

Please ignore the gossip and remember what is essential; the music in Daniel’s heart lingers on in us, in his dear friends, his mother Pat, his siblings who miss him every day, his cousins, his nieces and nephews, his colleagues, his fans, his children, and me.”

This week seems to be getting even worse.

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