Matt LeBlanc Tells Heirs To English Throne To F**k Off


Matt LeBlanc may seem like one of the sweetest guys in Hollywood, but according to himself, he once told princes Harry and William to summarily fuck off. Or at least that is what he told Conan O’Brien on Tuesday’s show.

LeBlanc recalled attending a charity polo match in London in the breaks of shooting his super-funny new show Episodes and meeting the two heirs to the English throne.

The guys were only interested in talking about a possible Friends reunion to which LeBlanc apparently told them to fuck off. It turns out that they were able to take the joke in good humor.

LeBlanc also added that he ended up siting at the same table with Harry in a bar once and that they ended up having a ton of fun.

He also told Conan that – “(you) redheaded guys are a blast.”

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