Is Joe Giudice Allowed To Visit Wife In Prison?


After failing to visit his wife Teresa last weekend, many wondered if he’s even allowed to visit because of his own conviction. But People magazine found out that the warden will make an exception and probably allow the visit to happen.

“Visitors with criminal records are usually not allowed to visit inmates. The warden will probably make an exception because he’s her husband, and they are raising children together. It happens all the time. A spouse who is also a convicted felon is normally cleared. He’ll most likely be allowed to visit.”

If you are wondering if this is a one-time case, you are correct, it’s not really a way things are handled. If you have a criminal record, you are banned from visiting.

“It’s unusual to have them visit the first weekend. It’s not an automatic process. It can take up to two weeks for immediate family members to get approved – especially since the warden is so busy with the men’s prison there, which he also runs.”

Non-immediate family must go through a strenuous process to be allowed to visit an inmate.

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