Jennifer Aniston Says Everyone Knows Tabloid Stories Are B.S.

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Cake star Jennifer Aniston has been in the spotlights for quite some time now thanks to breakup, pregnancy and wedding rumors that somehow always end up on the front pages of tabloids.

Aniston recently gave an interview to CBS’s Sunday Morning where she stated that she just doesn’t pay attention to the rumors anymore.

Although gossip and rumors used to hurt her, she simply doesn’t care about them nowadays. Plus, her relationship with fiance Justin Theroux is so strong that speculations about their split don’t bother her.

Just don’t pay attention. I think I used to really, there was a period where I was hell bent on saying, ‘That’s not true, that’s not right, that’s not fair.’ And now I just think you have to let it roll off your back and you realize, I think everyone knows it’s all B.S. and like a soap opera on paper.

The main thing is to try to just keep refocusing back on what you know is true and what makes you guys happy. We know what our truth is. That’s all just static.

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