Jennifer Aniston Slams Media For Pregnancy Rumors


American sweetheart Jennifer Aniston fired back at pregnancy rumors yesterday, slamming the media for constantly body-shaming her, according to US Weekly.

Apparently, Aniston ‘is fed up’ with reporters freely making assumptions that she is pregnant simply because her belly isn’t completely flat, as the rules of Hollywood require. The celebrity actress got sick and tired of this kind of body-shaming and decided to speak up to put all others to silence.

The star of the Friends series made a persuasive and strong argument that the level of scrutiny people go through because of Hollywood’s beauty standards is alarming.

Aniston also said that just because she is not pregnant and still doesn’t have children doesn’t mean she is not an accomplished woman.

This stunning forty-six-year-old proudly stands against all the body-shamers out there and concludes that she can do whatever she wants with her body without anyone judging her.

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