Why Are Justin Bieber And Jennifer Aniston Hanging Out?


At first glance, it might be pretty weird that Justin Bieber and Jennifer Aniston are hanging out. Actually, it might even look a little creepy. After all, she could be his mother. He’s 21 and she’s 46. But there’s one thing you might be forgetting about Aniston.

That’s the fact that she’s one of Selena Gomez’s best friends. Ah, now it all makes sense. So we can interpret these hang outs as Bieber trying to impress Gomez’s good friend in order to try and get her to come back to him, right?

We all know that Bieber really wants to date Gomez again, he really isn’t trying to hide it. And since Gomez has said many times that Aniston is one of her closest friends, who she always takes advice from, it isn’t far fetched that Bieber is really trying hard to get her approval.

The pop star recently posted pictures on Instagram of him hanging out with the “Friends” star.

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