Here’s Why Justin Bieber Didn’t Go To The Victoria’s Secret Show


What on Earth could get a young, hot-blooded male like Justin Bieber to miss the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show? According to reports, it’s Selena Gomez. It seems that even though Bieber obviously wants his ex-girlfriend back, he’s still not ready to see her in public just yet.

Sources close to the pop star said that the reason he did not attend the event was because he had heard that Gomez was going to be one of the performers at the event, and he still isn’t ready to be in the same room as her. This seems pretty weird. From what we understand, they are texting each other and sending voicemails to one another pretty often.

Perhaps meeting face to face is something different, something more personal that Bieber simply isn’t ready for just yet. Bieber is obviously trying to win her back. He’s stayed many times that he still loves her and he’s written a bunch of songs about her. Hopefully, he’ll be ready to be in the same room with his love one day soon.

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