Three Songs On New Bieber Album Are About Selena Gomez


In a recent interview with Access Hollywood, pop sensation Justin Bieber really opened up about his first love, Selena Gomez. The two started dating when they were really young, back in 2010, and were an on-and-off item until 2014, when they decided to go their separate ways for good.

Bieber said that he is never going to stop loving her, and when asked about his new album, he said that at least three of the 13 songs are about her. Bieber also said that he wrote a fourth song about her that didn’t make the album. It’s called “If I Would Have Met You in 5 Years,” and it talks about how it’s a shame that they met in 2010 instead of 2015, adding that things might have been different if they had started dating later. Bieber said that they are still good friends and that they are always going to try to stay in touch, no matter what.

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