Selena Gomez Best Thing That Happened To Justin Bieber


In a recent interview with the pop icon, Justin Bieber was asked about his teenage years. More specifically, he was asked about what the best thing about his teenage years was.

This is Justin Bieber we are talking about. As a teenager, he became a worldwide megastar. He sold millions upon millions of albums and made millions upon millions of dollars.

He even bought a Ferarri!

But if you ask him what the best thing about his teenage years was, he will tell you that it was Selena Gomez! How cute!

Justin answered the question saying that his relationship with Gomez was the best thing about those years, and those are his fondest memories.

If there is any justice in the world, these two are going to end up together again. It seems that they are truly soul mates and that an eventual rekindling of their love is absolutely inevitable.

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