Mariah Carey A Film Director? Yes, Please


It has been quite a while since we had a really, really, really crappy movie we could all enjoy with our families come Christmas time. Today, we are learning that Hallmark and Mariah Carey have joined forces to bring us just that – pure Xmas cinema craptacular that we cannot wait to see.

The movie will be called A Christmas Melody and it will star Lacey Chabert. According to Mariah, not bringing Lacey on would have been a deal-breaker since she had no intention of doing the movie without her. It is hard to believe someone has such strong feelings about Chabert and her acting skills, but whatever.

There is one piece of bad news, however. Namely, Mariah will not be acting herself, which would have provided a whole new layer of suckitude to the production, but you cannot have everything, can you?

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