Adele Reveals Intimate Details In Rolling Stone Cover


We love Adele. Well, everyone loves Adele. What is there not to love? She sings like an angel, she is down to earth but not annoyingly so and, oh yeah, did we mention her voice? Yeah. Hello is shattering pretty much every record in the books these days and Adele recently gave a great interview for Rolling Stone.

Among other things, she talked about her own squad (referencing Taylor Swift’s #SquadGoals), saying that her squad may not be the most interesting in the world and adding that she would be super excited to have Rihanna as part of it.

She also touched upon the dangers of becoming famous and admitted that she finds fame frightening. In addition to this, she talked about her dislike for the fact that she is often seen as being anti-other-pop-stars because of her body and overall image.

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